Online Shop

Whether you have an existing website or not we can build you a professional and slick online shop allowing your products to reach a wider audience to drive sales.

You can expect to find the following in the shops that we provide:

Product Management:

  • Adding a standard product
  • Adding a  variable product (e.g. a t-shirt with different sizes)
  • Add virtual products (such as software, documents etc)
  • Ability to add and change pricing for standard and variable products
  • You can add your own images for the standard and variable products
  • Configure how customers can have the product shipped to them
  • Add a sale price which you can schedule

Customer Experience:

  • Customers can create their own accounts during ordering to track the order
  • You are in control of the customer experience from shop front all the way to order delivery
  • Once customers place their order you can contact them in the future about future product releases or promotions
  • You can add coupons for customers to use for discounts

Payment Gateways:

  • The most common payment gateways are supported;
  • PayPal
  • BACS
  • Credit Card
  • Cash on delivery


  • You can view the orders placed over time with weekly and monthly breakdowns
  • View how many orders have been placed by product
  • Check which products are low in stock, which are high and which ones have run out
  • See how many new customers you have acquired by week, month.