May 19, 2016


The web hosting provided by Russell Hosting is optimized for speed!!!

The usage provided on our hosting platform is pooled meaning if you buy 10GB of usage it is shared out between your website, database and email. This means that you minimize wasted resources. You can also scale up your available resources in an instant.

If you want to have your website available on the internet then you are going to need some web hosting. It is essentially space on the internet where your website lives and is accessed by others on the internet. If you have been shopping around for web hosting then you are probably wondering how much space you need.

The hosting we provide is always managed by us, so we will migrate any websites that you need migrating into the hosting environment and complete testing to make sure that everything is working as it should be. We will also make sure that your site is backed up and secure.  We pro-actively monitor your site making sure that your site is always available for your customers. 


You can get a quote for the hosting that we provide here  If you have any questions in regards to the hosting that is provided or to get a more specific quote for your needs please get in touch.


We provide hosting out of the USA and UK giving us perfect coverage in Europe and America.

If you need a website located in a different data centre or location then please get in touch and we will be able to give you a custom quote on delivering the solution for you.


As we have presence in the UK and US it means that we also have strong resilience in the hosting offered, we also have multiple suppliers to mitigate any downtime in the services that we provide.

The Technical Bit

A breakdown of the hosting environment that we provide

Environment Versions
PHP Version
MySQL Version 5.5.36
Apache Version 2.2.15
Tools Provided
PHP MyAdmin
Web Stats
Email Manager
Portal Usage Stats
The Important Extras
Daily website backups
Secure Firewall
DDoS Protected
Built in resilience and redundancy